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Fare Thee Well Show at Soldier Field

I remember a dream I had when I was 15, shortly after Jerry Garcia died.  I dreamt that I had died and could do anything or go anywhere, and  I was immediately transported to a Grateful Dead show.  In the middle of a Franklin’s Tower jam, if I recall correctly.

Well, the Grateful Dead are officially wrapping things up with one more gathering together on stage.  Trey Anasasio will be joining them, in addition to original members Mickey Hart, Phil Lesh, Bill Kreutzmann and Bob Weir.  Check out some decorated envelopes from the mail order.   This marks their 50th anniversary.  Unfortunately, I did not get my order in before they closed it after receiving a flood of requests.  Not every mail order request was completed, but I found a great response to a fan on reddit:

Hi Friends,

I received my rejection letter today. I was hoping against hope I was still in the running as each day it was closer to the outlet sale. But alas it was not to be.

I know if you could have filled everyone’s order you would have, and I just want to thank all of you for the time and effort you’ve put into this. I am old enough and was fortunate enough to see the Grateful Dead when Jerry was still at the helm so I can’t really complain. I’ve seen so many posts from younger fans who are hoping that these shows will give them a small fraction of the joy that the Dead brought us. It’s very reassuring to know that the Dead’s impact and inspiration is still going strong after all these years.

As your letter says, here’s to keeping the spirit of the Grateful Dead alive and staying positive in all situations.

Thanks you and wish us all luck next Saturday!!!

Regards, ~svgklingon

I’m not going to give up.  Tickets go on sale this weekend and I’ll do everything I can to get tickets.  And even if I don’t get tickets, I’m considering going for the lot scene.  The audience is a huge piece of the Grateful Dead experience.  Although I never got to see them together with Jerry, I continued to attend shows of the remaining members in groups like Rat Dog, Furthur and Rhythm Devils.  Often times, I was unable to find a friend to go with, so I’d go alone.  Yet, every time I went I made new friends and ran into old acquaintances.  Nothing beat that scene.

As I mentioned previously, I just finished Marketing Lessons from the Grateful Dead and in it, the authors suggest that the Dead audience was the original social media.  It connected tons of people using mailing lists, tape trading and the selling of goods on Shakedown Street.  When the internet became popular and connected everyone electronically, there was a flood of new music for me to download.  Being a techie, I was quick to get to work downloading MP3’s and SHN files of my favourite shows.  The website, archive.org, provided me with everything I could possibly imagine.  I could find old shows in better quality format than my tapes.  Not only that, but I found better quality recordings.  It was amusing when I’d download a show and it would be the exact recording that I had heard previously.  I’d hear a familiar voice in the audience and I knew I’d heard that recording before.

Do you think I threw out all my old cassette tapes now that I had what appeared to be the entire recordings of the Grateful dead on computer and CD?  Heck no.  My tape cases were hand written, contained custom drawings by myself and friends, and they sit in a custom-built, felt-lined wood case I had a friend make me in shop class in high school.  They still sit in my parents basement up north.  Speaking of which, I better get those back.  I am willing to lose some of my old baseball cards, but those tapes have a lot more value to me.

By the time I got to college, I had couple 200-300 CD wallets STUFFED with Dead shows.  I’d burn duplicates and give them out.  I met friends at school by blasting Dead shows on my room-mate’s stereo.  He was very into rap, and turned me onto it, too.  He had the kind of stereo you’d expect a rap fan to have, massive speakers (Klipsch, I believe).  He quickly became a fan of Grateful Dead music and I believe he might be an even bigger fan that myself now!  Looking back now, I can see just how many people I connected with because of the music.  And actually now that I think about it, no one ever complained about the music.  Even though it wasn’t their favourite style of music, the recognized the talent and respected it.  Plus, it’s hard to shit on someone’s music when they saw how passionate my friends and I were about out.

It makes me wonder about a lot of Dead Heads out there.  Many of them take up trade professions, but there are also a few celebrities, according to wikipedia.  A lot seem to be in politics and what is up with marketers?  Go marketing!  I guess it could have something to do with the amazing artwork that Deadheads have been creating.  And, of course, there is Steve Jobs.  I read his favorite album is American Beauty.  I have a feeling we’ll see a lot more heads coming out.  Back in the day, they may have been labelled  “dirty hippie”, but we are starting to realize they are often great leaders.  They have greater risk-taking behavior than the nerds that are creating the technology which drives the web.  They are creative and visionaries.  I think back to my high school years, and recall thinking to myself “in the future, I’ll be working from home, possibly on the beach, listening to the Dead, being judged on the content of my work, rather than my appearance.”  I made that dream a reality, so maybe my other dream is within reach.

Hope to see you in Chicago.

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10 Lessons for a Grateful Nerd

I was standing in the Marketing book section of Barnes and Noble, when a brightly coloured book caught my eye.  Not the typical obnoxious bright orange, but a familiar colour spectrum.  It reminded me of an old Grateful Dead poster.  It was called Marketing Lessons from the Grateful Dead by David Meerman Scott and Brian Halligan.  Not thinking too much of it, I picked it up, flipped through it, smiled and put it back on the shelf.  I mentioned it to a friend whose response was “that book is perfect for you!  It’s a good book to have on your shelf.”  I continued shopping but right before I left I thought, “well they really nailed the cover.  It reminds me of the old concert posters.”  So on my way out, I added it to my pile of marketing books and left the store.

I read this book in a single day, which means a lot.  It worked for me on so many levels.  What I loved was the simple structure of the book.  It would discuss nostalgic aspect of the band band or the culture, and follow it with a marketing lesson.  And occasionally, a light-hearted photo from the past.  I’m fairly new to marketing and so I’m in an absorption phase, soaking up ideas and information like a sponge.  About 1/2 way through the book I flipped it over to the back and read a few of the supporting references.  There was a familiar name.  Seth Godin.

“I miss Jerry. And I wonder . . . is your brand iconic? Why not? Hint: it has nothing whatsoever to do with hemp brownies. Becoming iconic is a choice.”
Seth Godin, author of Linchpin, blogger, Deadhead

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m a big fan of Seth Godin’s books.  I can’t believe I haven’t done a full post about what I’ve learned from his books but I plan to.  So far, I’ve read Linchpin, Permission Marketing, The Icarus Deception and All Marketers are Liars.  Next up is Tribes, which talks about how important leaders are.  I liked that he points out that leaders aren’t always in management positions.  And it’s the chief members in a company who should be keeping an eye out for the leaders.
Marketing Lessons from the Grateful Dead continued to entertain me till the very end.  There was a little joyful emotional spike before wrapping it up.  And, as someone who works with database engines and software, I really appreciated the part about the MySQL database engine and how they gave away their software for free and still made a profitable, highly respected business.
The book mentioned tape trading, and I reminisced of my old tape collection, which I still have in a custom wooden box I had a friend build using the barter system.  This book had me thinking of my friends, family and adolescence, because it was around those years (I was 15) when we lost Jerry Garcia.  Fortunately, the music of the Grateful Dead continues to expand.  The remaining member have continued to play in bands like Furthur.  And we’re in for a special treat this July in Chicago, as the Dead will be playing with Trey Anastisio (Phish) for 3 nights.
Now, this book is not for everyone, and that’s the point.  Only a specific group of people, such as myself, will truly appreciate the lessons learned.  As Seth points out, it’s better to find your target audience and treat them well.  They will spread your ideas like a virus and bring in more like-minded people.  So, I’m posting this blog to help share their message.   Proceeds of their profit go to a good place, too.  I sent David and Brian a thank you letter, and I was pleased to find out they they are friends with Seth as well.  The more I learned about Brian, the more impressed I was.  He is founder of a company, Hubspot and they have an annual conference called Inbound.  I heard a general rule of blogging is to keep videos to a length of 3-4 minutes so I’m not going to post it here, but if you search youtube for “Inboud Brian Halligan” you will find some of his talks.  Check out Inbound 2013 for a little Scarlett Begonias.  I am not affiliated with Hubspot in anyway, I just like a good speech.
Thinking about this book got me thinking about Dead heads I’ve know that have grown up and have become successful.  I meet a lot of Dead Heads on the disc golf course that work in trades, but I also know of a few popular celebrity dead Heads as well.  Here we have 3 marketing geniuses.  They are designing software book authors.  Steve Jobs comes to mind for his hippie background and he definitely shaped the way we think about computing.  There are some in the news, politics and even sports.  They aren’t really nerds, these are a whole different class of intelligent, yet enlightened individuals moving our culture forward and optimizing use of the technology that is improving so fast.  I’d love to hear comments from you guys about other successful hippies, whether they are famous or people you know in real life.
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Uber is completely safe. Now hop in and give me your money.

Uber is a “ride-sharing” service that has become very popular and is rivalling City taxi Services. Ever wonder what it’s like to be a driver? Do you consider yourself a modern day Han Solo?  I did, and I do, so I signed up. But recently, police have been dishing out fines here in South Florida. I just missed a recent sting operation. It’s risky yes, but there is money to be made. I’ll do anything to get rich.  I’ll stop on kittens with my bare feet all day if it will make me millions.  Well, maybe not bare feet, but you get the point.  This post will show you how I became an Uber driver, provide some Pro Tips, and share with you some of my interesting stories.

I heard about Lyft when I gave two strange women a ride to Fort Myers.  Both were two intelligent, married women that just over heard me talking to a couple at a continental breakfast at a hotel.  They seemed legit, so we met at my car 20 minutes later and took off.  I learned on the way there that they were on vacation, and held high valued positions at Staples Corporation.  After our road trip, one of them gave me a substantial tip, and said I should look into an app called Lyft.  I didn’t think much of it, but many months later I heard about their competitor, Uber, after hearing about friends using the service.  Then one day I was listening to a podcast and heard Tim Ferris was invested in Uber.  I have mixed thoughts on Tim Ferris, but he’s like King Midas, everything he touches turns to gold.  I dig his work methods and I try to align my life similar to his.  Check it out, I’ll post an interesting video at the end of this blog.

So, I signed up on Uber.  It was extremely easy.  You submit 3 photos of identification digitally.  Registration, license and proof of insurance.  A few days later, I was approved and downloaded the Uber Partner App.

As an Uber partner, you will get emails about events going on in your area that trigger Surge pricing. I’m telling you, it’s like a video game. I’m working on unlocking new missions all the time. Since I’m trying to be more social, this works out great for me. I get to find out what normal people are doing.


I make $20-22 / hour. This is good money, in my opinion. Mostly because I can sign on when ever I feel like making a run.

Don’t forget that you have to pay for your own car and gas.

There is plenty of business where I live in South Florida. I stay away from Miami and South Beach, but there are plenty of fish down there.  I always get a request within 10 minutes, but I’ve only worked nights and weekends.


Uber logs all of your trips in GPS and records the amount of time


My favourite topic in the history of everything is security.  So the big question is, who is safer: Uber drivers or Uber passengers?  I’m not willing to get banged in the rear.  That is why I keep a loaded gun under my seat at all times.  I’m totally kidding.  I love to tell my passengers that and watch their expression.  Seriously though, it’s risky for both parties equally.  As a driver, I brought my own passenger on a few occasions.  Safety in numbers.


Below is a list of the type of passengers you’ll pick up  Your customers will be more like Whole Foods customers as compared to Winn Dixie.  You’ll pick up all types like…

  • Stuck up white chicks
  • Rich old men going to the airport
  • Gay dudes
  • Drunk stuck up bitches
  • Hipsters

I hate hipsters, but the worst of the bunch are stuck up white chicks.  They want to remind you that you are below them (or so they think). You also run the risk of picking up people you know, like ex-bosses, ex-girlfriends or family members that disowned you. Uber customers usually have a slight sense of entitlement. Don’t expect them to talk to you, although most do.

Unfortunately, we do not get tips. For this reason, I do not provide frivolous service.

Pro Tips / Conclusions

I’m more comfortable with a single passenger riding up front.  It’s totally up to them. I do this because when people see an empty passenger seat they will know what we’re up to. Taxi drivers will be especially suspicious.

I’d do really good in the service industry. I’m good at making people feel important.

I wish I was assigned a unique ID that I could give to people.

“Pax” is another way of saying passengers.

If I were to lose my job tomorrow, I would drive full time while looking for a full time position. The legality is a little questionable, but as with everything in life, I take chances.

No one has done any damage to my car, but that doesn’t mean it couldn’t happen.

I prefer driving in the day time, as there are less drunk people.

Never do a pick-up unless you can commit to up to an hour.  You never know where the customer is going, and they are not obligated to enter it ahead of time.  If I new that information I might be more likely to cancel certain trips, which is why they don’t share that information.

Being an Uber driver has affected my driving style.  I drive more aggressively when money is involved.

People can cancel on you while you are on your way.  It sucks, but it happens.  If you take too long they can cancel and request another uber driver that they see on the radar. This is why I say Uber has made me a more aggressive driver. Especially on the way to pick up a new fish customer.

DO NOT become an uber driver if you are not a patient person.

To wrap things up, I need side work to afford luxuries like hair cuts and car washes. You need to be a bit of a maverick renegade for this gig so I fit the bill. Also, I’m able to tell passengers about the book I’m writing. I’m hoping to connect with a publisher or someone who can help with my career, but you never know. Entrepreneurs can find opportunity as an uber driver.  I suggest everyone download the uber app next time you need a ride and give it a try.  And give me your money.

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My 5 outlandish tips for sleeping

For as long as I can remember, it’s always taken me 1 to 2 hours to fall asleep.  I was so jealous of friends in college that could pass out in minutes.  Leaving the rest of us to deal with obnoxious snoring.  I’m pleased to write that now I’m the snoring asshole.

I could rattle off a list fof 50 things everyone can do to improve their sleep, but I’m going to list the top 5 that worked for me.  I’m leaving out basic nutrition and avoiding naps because those are the first things you people should be working on.  I try to make my blog posts as original as possible because I hate normal things.  Last time I posted about big data and how soon we’ll have so many options, that “normal” will go away.  People that look down on people for having different taste will be outnumbered.  We’ve all had to deal with those shocked looks of disapproval because we like avocado lemon pepper chocolate popcorn.  We’ll fuck those people.  Once we look at big data it will show just how much people conform to be seen as part of the pack.  Well, gone are the days of small tribes of 150 people (see Dunbar’s principle.  We’re all connected now, bitches.  Well, not really connected well, but loosly connected for sure.

I get way off topic sometimes.  But, I started working on my writing a lot and have learned to not judge a first draft.  The fact that you completed it is the mission.  No matter how mangled and off-subject you might get, just get it out..  We can work on the cosmetics later.  Also, thank God for WordPress’s Drafts feature.  I have like 10 drafts that are just topic subjects with a few notes.  To the cloud!  OK so now, back to sleep.  I mean, the subject of sleep.  Do not go to sleep on me.  The following in countdown format from least helpful to most helpful.  And don’t worry, I’ll be returning to the subject of writing in the future.  Plus, I’m working on a new book!

5.  Pills.  Hey, they work.   I took the Lunesta challenge and tried to masturbate after taking one 30 minutes earlier.  Don’t bother with pills, though.  Actually, get this off the list.  The new #5 is reading and writing.  That means 30 minutes before bed, you get the hell off the INTERNET.  Hell you’re on the net too much anyway and you know it.  Shut your computer down completely.  Go sit and read a physical book, or write in a journal.  Force yourself to do this for a few days until it becomes habit.

4.  A single, really flat pillow.  To be honest, I no longer use pillows.  But it took some time to adjust.  I did so by using a single, flat pillow.  Do not allow women to convince you you need 50 assorted size pillows on your bed.  Get rid of them.  You use 1 and only one.  And then none and only none.

3.  Keep your phone in another room, powered off.  I guess you could leave it on silent, but the trick is you don’t want it to ever distract you.  I don’t care about your bullshit excuse that you live alone or your grandma might call on her deathbed.  You are a responsible person and sleep is important, and grandparents will come and go.  I noticed significant sleep gains once I moved my phone out of my room.

2. Meditate.  OK I lied.  Meditation is #1 but I wanted something really weird for number 1 that I bet a lot of people won’t bother trying.

1.  Remove all Electronics from your bedroom.  Hey my sleep was really bad.  Do you know how frustrating it is to take 4 or 5 hours to fall asleep.  I said I’d try anything.  Everything electronic.  I unplugged my stereo and two lamps.  I didn’t have a television anyways.  Physically removed them.  In addition to my light shattering curtains, I have a near perfect dark room.  Without electronics, your place will look like a cave.  This was the change that my sleep benefited most from (second only to mediation).

Not on the list is don’t exercise within 3 hours of bed time.  But, exercise takes priority, so if that’s a must then get your workout in.  Try to work out earlier in the future.

And guys please share your thoughts or tips in the comment section.  I’d appreciate any feedback as I just started blogging and it helps my writing.


How I learned to love Big Data

Right now you are probably sitting in front of a powerful device.  You have the power to write a book, produce a music album, or make a blog post.  You don’t need permission from anyone other than yourself.

I was raised with a mindset that you should do what you’re told.  I expected to have an employer tell me what to do by giving you tasks, and as long as I completed them, I would be successful.  However, I noticed that the world I live in today doesn’t fit that world view.  The industrial age is ending.  Maybe it took me longer to catch on than other people, but now that I’ve noticed this, I cannot un-see it.  And I can’t not take action about having seen this truth.

I just finished another book by Seth Godin, the Icarus Deception, that helped me bring these thoughts into words.   This makes 4 of his books that I’ve read, just to give you an idea.  They are filled with simple, yet invaluable, inspirational ideas.  He teaches you how to recognize things for what they are, and take action.  Here, he points out that man of us have forgot part of the story of Icarus.  He was warned to stay away from the sun or his wings would melt.  But, he was also warned to stay out of the water or he’d sink.  The takeaway was that if we try and soar to high we’ll get burned.  So, instead, we play it safe.  But the days of the industrial workplace are going away.  We need to take action and become artists to be successful.

“Don’t think!  Thinking is the enemy of creativity.  It’s self-conscious, and anything self-conscious is lousy.  You can’t try to do new things.  You simply must do things” -Ray Bradbury

I read a few books by Seth Godin before I really got to know who he is.  Then I really gained an appreciation for his writing and contributions to society.  Linchpin motivated me to step it up and become invaluable at work.  This is obviously a work in progress.  Ideally, we could all start fresh at a new job but most of us have built up reputations that got us in our current state.   All we can do is commit to improve.  Like weightlifting, you won’t improve daily.  Improvements come in waves and are noticeable when looking at the big picture.  This reminds me of another subject I’ve been reading on, Big Data.  I love saying that.  Big data recognizes that we have more information than we could ever possibly analyze, but by looking at big data we can clearly see trends, and notice the faults of analyzing smaller amounts of data.  Think scarcity versus abundance.  Picking a customized option for yourself versus picking a safe option that will please everyone (like pie!).

The second book I read of his was Poke the Box, which I enjoyed even more.  He talks about taking action and taking risks.  I’m embarrassed to say, but it wasn’t until I read his 3rd book , All Marketers are Liars, that I recognized his name and had to look him up on the internet.  And I’m so glad I did.  He has many speeches on youtube that are free for you to check out.  Some are very inspiring.  If you don’t just want to be a cog in the corporate system, I highly recommend checking out his work.  I personally found him at a time in my life when I was becoming fed up with just earning a living and not being passionate about my work.  Asking for new responsibilities in the work place got me no where, and I realized I lacked action and forcing the responsibilities upon myself.   Something that I saw other people doing, but rather than take action myself, I was overwhelmed with feelings of jealousy and anger.

I’ve learned to squash those feelings, which were basically facets of my own fear.  The amount of data we have access to is accelerating so quickly, and we now have so many options.  From what we buy to who we bang,  the internet has given us a sense that we can get anything we desire.

If you’re interested, you can find a lot of his stuff for free online.  Even a collaboration work with author Malcolm Gladwell.  Start here and then I’d suggest picking up a hard cover book for you book shelf.  Seth is known for making very original, interesting cover designs.


Permission Marketing and Unleashing the Ideavirus are next for me.

I’d also like to mention that when I emailed him about a fact in his book, he replied within 24 hours.  The fact he just replied was astounding, and I had to thank him for that alone.  It was about something he mentioned in one of his books, that all eggs are actually anti-biotic free, even though some companies print that on their carton to increase sales.  I still think the part about antibiotics is a little washy, but it’s not on Seth, it’s on the FDA.

FDA regulations don’t permit any eggs to be sold where the antibiotics that might be given to chickens are based in any way to the eggs:http://www.uspoultry.org/faq/faq.cfm

So, it would be even more accurate for me to have written:

All eggs are hormone free, and even when chickens are given antibiotics, the eggs themselves are all antibiotic free, so a carton that says, “antibiotic free eggs” is telling you nothing at all.

I just have this gut feeling that when a chicken is exposed to anti-biotics it is passed onto the egg, but I’m not going to fight it.

So, don’t get overwhelmed with big data and our world of options.  Be different and take action.


I’ve been scammed by MVQ Shop Essentials

I’m embarrassed to admit that I’ve been duped with reoccurring fraudulent credit card charges.

For several months my credit card had a recurring charge from a company MVQ Shop Essentials.  It actually showed up as MVQ Shop Essentials CT and I’m from Connecticut and visit there frequently,  so I can see how I may have overlooked it at the time.  As the months went by, I had convinced myself they were charges from Amazon.  I was wrong.  I found this has been happening to other people.  Many of us have no recollection of signing up for this scam.  We’ve never received anything for our money.  I was suprised to see a few people mention restaurant.com and I did make a purchase from them years ago.  It’s possible I clicked something and accidently signed up, but I have no reason to sign up for anything from these people.

My bank, Chase, would only refund the latest charge.  I’ll call this company to see what they say but it doesn’t look good.

If anyone out there is experiencing this fraudulent activity on your card, call up your bank and put a stop to it.  Save yourself by catching it early.  I didn’t and will be paying for my lack of attention.


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Some Next Level Interstellar Ride Sharing

Happy Superbowl Sunday everyone.  I was recently approved to be an Uber driver.  The application process was simple and I love the idea.  In a world full of disgruntal cabbies that talk on their phone all day, it’s nice to know there is a reasonably priced alternative.  I really wonder, who are those cabbies talking to during their entire shift?  My first voyage will be today, Super Bowl Sunday.  From what I learned about Uber, there are red zones, which indicate a high amount of activity.  I figure I’ll bring a book with me and wait around those areas tonight.  Unfortnatly, the one type of customer I am not looking forward to is a loud, drunk obnoxious football fan.

But, as always, I have a plan.  In my backseat, I have a white board and marker that should give the passengers something to do for fun.  In addition, I have a cooler stocked with waters, and for “suggested donations” you can get a 5 hour Energy and I’ll also offer Glow sticks.  Bitches love glowsticks.  I plan on investing in a light that I can put on top of my car which makes it for sloppy drunk customers to find me.  Like this!

it doesn’t make noise, but I love to call it the siren

And as my coup de grace, I have Spotify loaded on my phone, and I will ask the customer to name their favorite band, at which point I will fire up their favorite music station.  Someone on Youtube suggested that idea so I can’t take credit.  Actually, I think the Uber Partner app (for drivers) has a Spotify section built right in.  As long as I don’t get any Dave Mathews band fans, I’m good.  But if that happens, I’ll just smile and deal with it.  I’m in the service industry now.

I really wish every Uber driver was as cool as me.  I don’t mean to brag, I just want to see people try to make this a fun experience for everyone.  Well, I know one method of transporatation that takes it to the next level.  So speaking about fun experiences and ride sharing, this weekend I attended a Galactic Show, and my ride to and from the show was none other than the Interstellar Transmission Bus.  Behold!

For $20 Round Trip, I hopped on this mobile party funk voyage for about a 20 minute ride both ways.  The ride includes a jam band who are able to play a few songs during the ride.  These guys reminded me of a little Umphrey’s Mcgee and Perpetual Groove.  I didn’t catch their name so I’m guessing it is Interstellar Transmission.  Their Facebook page describes them as “Carnivalesque Shamanic Tribal Rock Fusion”.  Sounds about right.

The keyboard is hooked up to the lights on the floor and provides a nice little show.

The hostess walked adorned in some crazy rainbow striped outfit and danced around entertaining everyone. She does not appear in the photo below because she is crawling under the foot bridge we made her.  I even ran into some friends on the ride.  Everyone on the bus appeared to be a good person, open minded and ready for a great night of music.

They picked us up after the Galactic show and brought us home safely.  On the way home I dished out a ton of glow sticks to enhance the ride.  The band was great and I hope they continue providing this excellent service.

I’m not a big fan of large group road trips, but this ride change my opinion.  Honestly, it was so impressive on the way down, I didn’t want to get off.  But we had a night of Galactic ahead of us.  For those unfamiliar Galactic is a funk jam band from New Orleans.  The band leader, Stanton Moore is an excellent drummer, and you’ll meet a lot of drummers in the audience that come to watch him perform.  I was trying to think what other bands have a drummer as a front runner.  I came up with Genesis and Rush.  Anyone else want to throw out a couple names please do so in the comment section.  Galactic is one of those bands that make me dance.  And for some reason, they also inspire me to clean my house.  I’m serious, throw on Galactic station on Pandora and groove while you mop your crib.  Maybe it’s just me.  I’m a little weird sometimes.