Jason Morin

Keto Dieting during the Grateful Dead’s Anniversary Shows – Testing Willpower

After my success with the Lean Gains diet, mostly for leaning, not so much gaining- simply because I have trouble downing large meals in a single session. I remember being a “hard gainer”. The way I fixed that is with heavy squats and deadlifts. However, my hunger from those workouts kicks in 12-24 hours later, […]

Working without my pants

The question I love to ask fellow remote workers is “What have you done with your new found time?”  I’m referring to the time previously spent commuting to and from work, which you can now use however you wish. It’s truly amazing to think about the personal growth I’ve been through over the last few […]

Smart Phone Junkies

It started off as “no cell phone sunday” when I would leave the phone at home and go out and explore the world.  It was a social experiment that turned into a philosophy.  Months later, I deleted Facebook.  Actually, I just disabled it, because the truth is I don’t despise it completely.  It connected me with […]


I still have an inclination to cheat.  It’s amusing now, and meditation has definitely identify it for what it is. My company recently handed out these tiny tracker devices that monitor the number of steps you take.  A pedometer.  You can save money by hitting a certain number of steps (every quarter, I believe).  The […]

10 gym training lessons to Consider

The summer before I entered high school, I pretended to be interested in playing football so I could weight train with the team.  I did not look like a football player at all.  I was skinny and incredibly weak, and spent all my free time mountain biking and playing tennis.  I started lifting 3 days […]

Don’t Panic over GD50 Tix

Ugh, no luck.  Saturday morning I tried to score tickets for 3 nights in Chicago for the Dead’s final show.  Unfortunately, I didn’t score any.  Our dual laptop attack method failed as we waited for about an hour in Ticket Master’s queue.  The tickets are in extremely high demand, as they are only offering a […]

Build yourself a LAMP

I’m not a fan of the fantasy genre, and the word ‘guild’ usually makes me cringe.  It reminds me of online gaming, or people at a Renaissance fair that refuse to break character and only speak in old English.  And that’s a shame, because it’s a bad-ass word.  So, I was both excited and disappointed to […]