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About WavyJ

Originally from a small town just outside of New Haven, Connecticut, I am a brave, spirited individual with a passion to learn new things and help others.  After disconnecting from television and most main stream media, I began to working out and eventually eat the right foods to fix my brain.  Consistency and will power have proven to be my strongest tools.  Since then, I’ve lost interest in a lot of of old habits, in exchange for new, healthier ones.

In an effort to expand my horizons, I moved to South Florida in 2006.  Fort Lauderdale suits me very well.  I’m close enough to Miami to not have to live there.  I’ll probably move again, but for now I am very happy with my decision.  I’ve lost friends along the way, but made new ones.  I spent a lot of my time partying in my 20’s and accumulated massive dept from student loans.  I am grateful for the opportunities, but I also look back and can identify my poor decisions.  But hey, nobody’s perfect and life’s too short to be pissed off.

I love not fitting in and not caring what people think.  I was a part of the herd at one time and it’s way more fun to blazing my own path now.

With a career in database and information technology, I’m making a living that can afford me time to pursue my creative interests.  At a young age, I decided to play it safe, learn software, and rely on a company to pay me for my work.  However, writing and music have always been side hobbies of mine.

This blog contains adult language and my opinion on many adult subjects.


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