Keto Dieting during the Grateful Dead’s Anniversary Shows – Testing Willpower

After my success with the Lean Gains diet, mostly for leaning, not so much gaining- simply because I have trouble downing large meals in a single session. I remember being a “hard gainer”. The way I fixed that is with heavy squats and deadlifts. However, my hunger from those workouts kicks in 12-24 hours later, making it tough to get my calories in before the fast. I know people that can workout, and then sit down immediately and consume 4000 calories, but when my central nervous system is jacked up, I lose my appetite.

So I did lean gains for 2 months and found myself craving healthy foods, and since I was fasting for 14 hours a day, I had time to plan some really tasty meals which I’ll eventually share here. The thing is, a few good friends told me don’t lose any more weight, because I was losing muscle soon. See, once I get into a groove, it’s hard to break it. So, I quit lean gains, but I chalk it up as a success. Not only did I cut a ton of fat- so much you could see it in my face, as my neck and chin shaped up nicely, but I also learned a lot of new healthy meals that you can store and reheat during the week.

But I get bored and like to try new things, so this time I wanted to try a new diet. I recall an older bodybuilder, a man in his late 50’s who had a tons of experience competing, asking me if I’d heard of “keto”.

“No but it sounds awesome,” was my reply.

At the time, I looked it up online and saw the low carb aspect and decided it required too much macro nutrient counting, label inspecting and a big change of diet. I failed to see the benefits, the delicious food alternatives, the amount of healthy green vegetables, and the knowledge of food that you gain, by being able to spot unhealthy ingredients, excessive sugar content foods and best of all, learning how badly our society has been fucked over by the old food pyramid. I’m not going to cite my resources, and I’m just going off from memory, but wasn’t Grains listed as 10-12 servings per day? Do you think humans were munching on bread and baked sugary goods this much a 1000 years ago? That, in itself doesn’t indicate a problem, but a lot of disease and mental health issues we have lately might be. Whatever, my point is to say keto is unsafe is ridiculous. Meats, fats, leafy greens and vegetables sounds like a man’s diet to me. We had limited access to certain fruits, nothing like the sugar consumption we see today.

So, keto it is. I’m a week in and haven’t measured my ketones but I’ve seen my belly shrink and my pants no longer fit. A girl I dated saw me after being away for 2 weeks and confirmed I’ve lost a ton of weight. I told her, I love saying “no” when people offer me sugary desserts and pizza, so I’m perfect for this diet.

The real test came this past weekend, as the Grateful Dead 50th anniversary shows in Chicago happened. I also caught the Santa Clara shows, but Chicago blew them away. We streamed using both Youtube ($30/show) and OnDemand AT&T ($40/show). The cost was a little high for my liking, but we split the bill amongst friends and neighbor’s. On neighbor I met because he had Jerry Garcia Band playing in his yard one day. I introduced myself and told him the song I heard playing. We’ve been friends ever since.

OK no images but I’m relaying a youtube video of the light show on the empire state building to US Blues.  I forgot today’s audience has limited attention spans, but keep reading!

So here was my challenge: can I party on Keto? I heard alcohol effects increase and I had not drank in over a week. I’m also not even sure if I’m in ketosis, but my weight has clearly gone down. So here’ s what I came up with:

Main Course:

Steam Clams

Baby back ribs slow cooked then flame cooked with Dry Rub (no sauce)

Scallops seared on the grill, seasoned and drenched in Grass Fed Butter


Espresso Martini : Café Petron, Regular Petron and Espresso

I got pretty hammered with the espresso martini by going heavy on the Tequilla. I guess it’s not technically a martini anymore, but delicious still. Just make sure you shake heavily to get the frothy topping and add a few ice cubes at the end.


The women watched me throw together a dessert without any directions. They were mocking my abilities, but I showed them. I basically put almonds in a blender, lined them in a pan. I mixed some crème cheese, grassfed butter, chocolate powder, stevia , vanilla extract and mixed that up and poured it on the almond base. After I refrigerated for 30 minutes, it tasted just fine.

Coup de grace:

Fortunatley, mushrooms are allowed on keto diet, and I had some special ones saved up for today. I waited until after I had some food in my stomach to injest them, because I lost my appetite within 30 minutes. It was a perfect dosage that set the stage for Friday night.

So Friday night was absolute fire… and hey, I caught my Fire on the Mountain I’d been waiting for.

A couchsurfer from showed up Friday, just in time to pregame with the shows.  A lovely, young, Vietnamese girl on her way to Las Vegas.  She actually got 2 nights out of me which is usually against my rules, especially a Sunday night/Monday night combo.  She had good reviews, though, and a great personality in her messages.  And, she kept me updated.  One of the most frustrating things couchsurfers do is to not contact you the day of arrival.  You have to suggest WhatsApp and Viber just in case they don’t have it.  It’s just the easiest way to get in touch.

She had never heard of the Grateful Dead so we gave her a brief history, and invited her to watch the shows. She was dancing around a little, although I could tell she’d never heard anything like that. Phil Lesh’s voice is going a little at his age, but Bobby provided a lot of great vocals. Trey filled in nicely, but I could clearly here Phish in his guitar. Except on Estimated Prophet, You’re going to have to sound like Jerry on that one.  I hope this show snuff’s out the idea that “the band died with Jerry.”  Oh yeah, how about when Pigpen died, or Brent, or any keyboardist?? Seriously, though, the keyboards were the hot seat of the dead.  Keyboardist just died off quickly.

One of my favorite parts about this weekend was calling songs.  I have friends that are magical when calling songs at Phish shows.  At best, I can guess a certain song will appear somewhere in a set.  But with GD50 I was calling songs left and right.  I didn’t get them all, of course, but the China Cat/Rider opener to start off got my confidence jacked up.

Sometimes I think my home setup really is ideal for couchsurfing. I offer nothing more than a couch, but once they arrive they see we cook great meals together, offer excellent entertainment, and are very laid back individuals. There is a garden, the beach, two cozy couches, and myself.  I’m grateful I’ve never had a negative experience with hosting. Just a few “hairy” ones, but I’m saving them for a book I plan on writing.

I wish I could post here more. I’ve been writing a lot – I have like 4 books in progress- probably a bad idea but , oh well. I’ve been reading Pillars of Earth, and Jack Kerouac lately, and I just got a side gig at Tunies, and I’ll be working in the produce section. Apologies for not including images in this post, I just don’t feel like it. I really just feel like writing. Heck, I’m just posting a rough draft this time. If anyone wants to share thoughts on Ketosis dieting or GD50 please feel free to share. I know there are a lot of misunderstandings about both topics. See ya!


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