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I still have an inclination to cheat.  It’s amusing now, and meditation has definitely identify it for what it is.

My company recently handed out these tiny tracker devices that monitor the number of steps you take.  A pedometer.  You can save money by hitting a certain number of steps (every quarter, I believe).  The company, in turn, saves money on health insurance (a total assumption I’m making).  My immediate reaction was “How can I trick this?”.  That first day I tried a few things, I threw it in the dryer with a load of laundry, strapped it to a ceiling fan, attached it to my car tire, even clipped it onto my neighbor’s dog’s collar.  The point isn’t to avoid being fit, it’s just to explore the possibilities of the device.  If you still want to trick it here’s a hint: figure 8’s.  Actually my first thought was, How much can I sell it for?  It requires an online account registration so I gave up on that idea rather quickly, however, my next thought was to pro-grammatically set the steps.  I’m not that bright, so I’ll wait for some 12 year old hacker to figure it out and I’ll listen to his squeaky voice on a youtube video while his parents yell at him to brush his teeth.

My cheating history goes back to school.  I did pretty well in school, and while I won’t admit to cheating on book reports or essays, when it came to test taking it was no holds barred.  Crib notes stuffed everywhere.  Not as bad as Chevy Chase’s character in Spies like Us, but it was fun to see what I could get away with.  My friends were ruthless as well, keeping books open on the floor and flipping them closed with their feet when the heat was on.  You end up bonding with other cheaters, kind of a honor amongst thieves.  I can only imagine what they are getting away with now that the internet is readily accessible via smart phones and tablets.  When I finally got a programmable TI-82 calculator, I’d enter math test answers and pass it around.  My calculator ended up at the other side of the room somewhere.  I’m  surprised I even got it back.  I was math student of the year that year.

I blame the school system.  Well, I take responsibility for myself, but my inclination is to blame the system.  We weren’t taught to learn, just how to test, and I did so in very dirty ways.

Cheating isn’t just for tests, though.  It can help a relationship.  If a guy is going nuts because he decided to give marriage a try and found his desire to seek other mates is driving him to hate his wife, then please get some on the side.  It will strengthen the relationship.  There are websites that are designed for this, so it has reached mainstream.  The whole institution of marriage has become a joke.

Forgive my off topic rambling, I haven’t posted for a while.  I’ll try to stay on track.

Honor has it’s place.  Like in the sport of Golf.  I just read the legend of Bagger Vance and there is a scene where character Junah’s honor is tested.  And I realized just how honourable the game is.  Do not watch the movie, by the way, it missed out on a lot of the philisophical aspects and the history of Bagger.  I hate to be that guy that says the book is better, but just read the part about the Knower and the Field.  You’ll see what I mean.  It’s a quick read, and Stephen Pressfield writes about topics very inspiring to writers like you bloggers out there.

Although I don’t play golf (ball golf), I play disc golf.  I made it out to the course yesterday after a few weeks off.  I need to enjoy it before the South Florida summer hits.  I really got in the zone by finding my authentic drive.  I was reminded of a time where I passed on a game because I was playing fantasy football that year and had to see the results of a Dolphins vs Jets game.  Ugh it was pathetic.  I played for 3 seasons of Fantasy football.  It’s just like it sounds, it’s complete fantasy it’s like Dungeon and Dragons for adults.  You stop rooting for teams, and even start hoping for player injuries.  That’s what it’s all about, fantasy football is based on injuries.  They make or break you almost every match.  I’m wondering if fantasy football has ever influenced the outcome of a game, either a player’s performance or a bogus call by a ref.  I still regret that day I passed up on a round of DG to do my fantasy team.  I made up for it yesterday.  Launched a couple bomb drives,nailed a few birdies with my laser beam snake-strike putts.

Back to what I was saying, meditation has strengthened me in many ways.  But most recent, it’s been the ability to recognize my inclination to cheat.  It makes me smile just thinking about it.  Travelling on South West- Why not print my own A-class boarding pass?  A new book I want- why not download it?  My conclusion is as follows, the dirty high you get from successfully pulling off a scam is just like the testosterone boost people get when their football team wins.  It’s fake.  Even worse, it’s unearned.  A real man does things righteously.  For every scam that works there is the potential of getting caught and the price you’ll pay.  And the embarrassment you might suffer (assuming your not a psychopath) will set you back.  Sure I feel like a sucker when I know I can get away with something but choose not to, but that feeling is diminishing as I strengthen my character through meditation.

Afterthought:  I recently heard about Transcendental Meditation via some videos starring David Lynch.  Apparently, he’s trying to raise money through the David Lynch foundation to teach TM to kids in school.  I think it’s great, but I wanted to find out more about it, and how it differs from the meditation I practice.  They claim hundreds of scientific studies have shown how much better it is from regular meditation.  Obviously, I’m interested.  However, from what I can tell, it costs a few hundred dollars and you must be taught by a trainer- you cannot learn it from a book.  Sounds sketchy to me, but whatever, they can charge whatever they want, and people are apparently paying it.  What turns me off is the celebrity following.  It sounds a little cult-ish.  Anyway, if anyone knows anything about TM please share in comments.

I’ve read that it’s based on a mantra, that is given to you by the trainer.  And that you meditate twice a day for 20 minutes.  I’m doing 20 minutes a day now, so I’m committing to 2 times a day for the next month.  I’ll have to work from home to get the time for that.  I don’t understand the mantra, and I don’t know what other differences there are.  Also, the fact that they don’t share their methods is rather strange.  Anyone that has info feel free to share.


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