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Don’t Panic over GD50 Tix

Ugh, no luck.  Saturday morning I tried to score tickets for 3 nights in Chicago for the Dead’s final show.  Unfortunately, I didn’t score any.  Our dual laptop attack method failed as we waited for about an hour in Ticket Master’s queue.  The tickets are in extremely high demand, as they are only offering a 3 night event, rather than a 2015 final tour.  Scalpers know this, but they may not be familiar with the loyalty of Dead heads.


If we hold out and don’t panic, the prices will drop.  It’s called a bubble in economics because the inflated value eventually drops or “bursts”.  We just have to be patient and find heads willing to trade tickets at cash value, which they will, I hope.  To give you an idea of the inflation, check out stubhub.  We’ve seen a 3 day pass going for up to $15,000.  That’s despicable.  Now, obviously scalpers didn’t just buy up all the tickets in an unfair manner, although I like to imagine them as greedy little trolls running bot programs and hacking the system.  Cheaters or not, there is a problem with the system.

Even if I got tickets, I wouldn’t disclose it until absolutely necessary.  It’s part of the reason I don’t participate heavily in social media.  It’s not in my nature to boast because of the attention it attracts.  Look, I’m from Connecticut.  The state is full of wealth, yet you see rich people driving around in Subarus and Volvos.  In south Florida, it’s almost the opposite.  Here, people display their wealth (even if it’s all on credit).  So I’m quite well accustomed to it, yet I choose to not be a part of the jerk circle.   It’s tempting and shockingly easy to brag online.  Believe me, if you got tickets I’m stoked for you.  And one thing I don’t want to do is come off as a bitter hater of social media, as I recognize that it’s a huge part of society.

After an hour of waiting, and hearing that most online retailers had sold out, I called it quits.  I was hungry.  And you know what I treated myself to?  A gourmet grilled cheese sandwich from NY Grilled Cheese.  And it was off-the-chain delicious.

Check this out from their site: American cheese, zesty horseradish chive Cheddar cheese, holey aioli, with our own slow roasted, premium beef brisket, & caramelized onions on country loaf.

It wasn’t until the very next day that I connected my craving for grilled cheese and an attempt at purchasing Grateful Dead tickets.  That made me smile.

Once my appetite was satisfied with a grilled cheese and tomato bisque, I decided to start planning.  I haven’t purchased airfare or hotel accommodations, but seeing as how I’ve never been to Chicago, I think I will.  It’s a great time to visit Chicago, as it will be summer time and closer to my preferred climate.  And it’s right around the time of the Taste of Chicago event.  Even more tempting is knowing that a sea of Dead Heads will be crashing in to the city.

Now, if heads hold out and don’t purchase from scalpers, and there is a bubble burst, prices will come way down.  Charging for a 1000% profit is disgusting, and we want face value.  I’m guessing we will see a dip in May or April, but it won’t be much.  I’ve decided to just make it public that I’m looking for tickets.  Put out the feelers and hope for the best.  I’ll also be wearing the shit out of my Grateful Dead shirts while I’m at it.  The more I write this, the more I realize I should hop back on to social media and look for any leads.

If you’re stuck like me, don’t give up hope.  There is still plenty of time.  But unless Jerry Garcia came back from the dead to play this gig, don’t go spending your good money on tickets at these prices.


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