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Uber is completely safe. Now hop in and give me your money.

Uber is a “ride-sharing” service that has become very popular and is rivalling City taxi Services. Ever wonder what it’s like to be a driver? Do you consider yourself a modern day Han Solo?  I did, and I do, so I signed up. But recently, police have been dishing out fines here in South Florida. I just missed a recent sting operation. It’s risky yes, but there is money to be made. I’ll do anything to get rich.  I’ll stop on kittens with my bare feet all day if it will make me millions.  Well, maybe not bare feet, but you get the point.  This post will show you how I became an Uber driver, provide some Pro Tips, and share with you some of my interesting stories.

I heard about Lyft when I gave two strange women a ride to Fort Myers.  Both were two intelligent, married women that just over heard me talking to a couple at a continental breakfast at a hotel.  They seemed legit, so we met at my car 20 minutes later and took off.  I learned on the way there that they were on vacation, and held high valued positions at Staples Corporation.  After our road trip, one of them gave me a substantial tip, and said I should look into an app called Lyft.  I didn’t think much of it, but many months later I heard about their competitor, Uber, after hearing about friends using the service.  Then one day I was listening to a podcast and heard Tim Ferris was invested in Uber.  I have mixed thoughts on Tim Ferris, but he’s like King Midas, everything he touches turns to gold.  I dig his work methods and I try to align my life similar to his.  Check it out, I’ll post an interesting video at the end of this blog.

So, I signed up on Uber.  It was extremely easy.  You submit 3 photos of identification digitally.  Registration, license and proof of insurance.  A few days later, I was approved and downloaded the Uber Partner App.

As an Uber partner, you will get emails about events going on in your area that trigger Surge pricing. I’m telling you, it’s like a video game. I’m working on unlocking new missions all the time. Since I’m trying to be more social, this works out great for me. I get to find out what normal people are doing.


I make $20-22 / hour. This is good money, in my opinion. Mostly because I can sign on when ever I feel like making a run.

Don’t forget that you have to pay for your own car and gas.

There is plenty of business where I live in South Florida. I stay away from Miami and South Beach, but there are plenty of fish down there.  I always get a request within 10 minutes, but I’ve only worked nights and weekends.


Uber logs all of your trips in GPS and records the amount of time


My favourite topic in the history of everything is security.  So the big question is, who is safer: Uber drivers or Uber passengers?  I’m not willing to get banged in the rear.  That is why I keep a loaded gun under my seat at all times.  I’m totally kidding.  I love to tell my passengers that and watch their expression.  Seriously though, it’s risky for both parties equally.  As a driver, I brought my own passenger on a few occasions.  Safety in numbers.


Below is a list of the type of passengers you’ll pick up  Your customers will be more like Whole Foods customers as compared to Winn Dixie.  You’ll pick up all types like…

  • Stuck up white chicks
  • Rich old men going to the airport
  • Gay dudes
  • Drunk stuck up bitches
  • Hipsters

I hate hipsters, but the worst of the bunch are stuck up white chicks.  They want to remind you that you are below them (or so they think). You also run the risk of picking up people you know, like ex-bosses, ex-girlfriends or family members that disowned you. Uber customers usually have a slight sense of entitlement. Don’t expect them to talk to you, although most do.

Unfortunately, we do not get tips. For this reason, I do not provide frivolous service.

Pro Tips / Conclusions

I’m more comfortable with a single passenger riding up front.  It’s totally up to them. I do this because when people see an empty passenger seat they will know what we’re up to. Taxi drivers will be especially suspicious.

I’d do really good in the service industry. I’m good at making people feel important.

I wish I was assigned a unique ID that I could give to people.

“Pax” is another way of saying passengers.

If I were to lose my job tomorrow, I would drive full time while looking for a full time position. The legality is a little questionable, but as with everything in life, I take chances.

No one has done any damage to my car, but that doesn’t mean it couldn’t happen.

I prefer driving in the day time, as there are less drunk people.

Never do a pick-up unless you can commit to up to an hour.  You never know where the customer is going, and they are not obligated to enter it ahead of time.  If I new that information I might be more likely to cancel certain trips, which is why they don’t share that information.

Being an Uber driver has affected my driving style.  I drive more aggressively when money is involved.

People can cancel on you while you are on your way.  It sucks, but it happens.  If you take too long they can cancel and request another uber driver that they see on the radar. This is why I say Uber has made me a more aggressive driver. Especially on the way to pick up a new fish customer.

DO NOT become an uber driver if you are not a patient person.

To wrap things up, I need side work to afford luxuries like hair cuts and car washes. You need to be a bit of a maverick renegade for this gig so I fit the bill. Also, I’m able to tell passengers about the book I’m writing. I’m hoping to connect with a publisher or someone who can help with my career, but you never know. Entrepreneurs can find opportunity as an uber driver.  I suggest everyone download the uber app next time you need a ride and give it a try.  And give me your money.


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