I’ve been scammed by MVQ Shop Essentials

I’m embarrassed to admit that I’ve been duped with reoccurring fraudulent credit card charges.

For several months my credit card had a recurring charge from a company MVQ Shop Essentials.  It actually showed up as MVQ Shop Essentials CT and I’m from Connecticut and visit there frequently,  so I can see how I may have overlooked it at the time.  As the months went by, I had convinced myself they were charges from Amazon.  I was wrong.  I found this has been happening to other people.  Many of us have no recollection of signing up for this scam.  We’ve never received anything for our money.  I was suprised to see a few people mention restaurant.com and I did make a purchase from them years ago.  It’s possible I clicked something and accidently signed up, but I have no reason to sign up for anything from these people.

My bank, Chase, would only refund the latest charge.  I’ll call this company to see what they say but it doesn’t look good.

If anyone out there is experiencing this fraudulent activity on your card, call up your bank and put a stop to it.  Save yourself by catching it early.  I didn’t and will be paying for my lack of attention.



3 comments on “I’ve been scammed by MVQ Shop Essentials

  1. You are not alone my friend, I join in your misery. I’ve been charged $47/month since 2007 and just noticed it now. Many reasons for my oversight, but still sick to my stomach thinking as to why I still didn’t catch it. no idea what I received for their fee. They claim they sent yearly letters to my house stating I was part of the service and how to cancel it. I’ve stopped the charges and I’m raising hell with them. I will give it the old college try and see if VitaCost will help more, since MVQ offer was on their site. So far VitaCost has been awesome about pursuing MVQ. Please post back here and let me know how your efforts go. I will do the same. -Jon


  2. I also just found out I’ve been scammed by “MVQ savingsace” since 2011. They have been charging my credit card monthly and I’m estimating they took $2000-3000 CAD. It was overlooked as I live and work in the states and this is my Canadian credit card and the statments go to a Canadian address. I had paid he card off and never activated since 2013 and couldent figure out why it was still having charges.. I’ve called my bank and canceled the credit card. I’ve also contacted this bogus company and they state I signed up via mylife. I did not authorize this.. They say they will have a supervisor contact me in 24-48 hours. I can’t believe how many people are affected by this. They need to be stopped! What can we do to stop them?


  3. Just to add to the previous post, they also claimed that they sent letters and emails regarding they’re service for years and options to cancel at anytime which is complete bs. I don’t have one email about they’re so called “services”. I’ve never recieved any services whatsoever. These people are disgusting. They have taken advantage of so many people, it makes me sick. It’s highly unlikely I will be able to get any money back. This needs more publicity so they can be stopped. We are just the few people who have noticed.. I can’t imagine how many people are getting scammed still and have no idea. if anyone has any suggestions for dealing with these people it would be greatly appreciated!


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