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Some Next Level Interstellar Ride Sharing

Happy Superbowl Sunday everyone.  I was recently approved to be an Uber driver.  The application process was simple and I love the idea.  In a world full of disgruntal cabbies that talk on their phone all day, it’s nice to know there is a reasonably priced alternative.  I really wonder, who are those cabbies talking to during their entire shift?  My first voyage will be today, Super Bowl Sunday.  From what I learned about Uber, there are red zones, which indicate a high amount of activity.  I figure I’ll bring a book with me and wait around those areas tonight.  Unfortnatly, the one type of customer I am not looking forward to is a loud, drunk obnoxious football fan.

But, as always, I have a plan.  In my backseat, I have a white board and marker that should give the passengers something to do for fun.  In addition, I have a cooler stocked with waters, and for “suggested donations” you can get a 5 hour Energy and I’ll also offer Glow sticks.  Bitches love glowsticks.  I plan on investing in a light that I can put on top of my car which makes it for sloppy drunk customers to find me.  Like this!

it doesn’t make noise, but I love to call it the siren

And as my coup de grace, I have Spotify loaded on my phone, and I will ask the customer to name their favorite band, at which point I will fire up their favorite music station.  Someone on Youtube suggested that idea so I can’t take credit.  Actually, I think the Uber Partner app (for drivers) has a Spotify section built right in.  As long as I don’t get any Dave Mathews band fans, I’m good.  But if that happens, I’ll just smile and deal with it.  I’m in the service industry now.

I really wish every Uber driver was as cool as me.  I don’t mean to brag, I just want to see people try to make this a fun experience for everyone.  Well, I know one method of transporatation that takes it to the next level.  So speaking about fun experiences and ride sharing, this weekend I attended a Galactic Show, and my ride to and from the show was none other than the Interstellar Transmission Bus.  Behold!

For $20 Round Trip, I hopped on this mobile party funk voyage for about a 20 minute ride both ways.  The ride includes a jam band who are able to play a few songs during the ride.  These guys reminded me of a little Umphrey’s Mcgee and Perpetual Groove.  I didn’t catch their name so I’m guessing it is Interstellar Transmission.  Their Facebook page describes them as “Carnivalesque Shamanic Tribal Rock Fusion”.  Sounds about right.

The keyboard is hooked up to the lights on the floor and provides a nice little show.

The hostess walked adorned in some crazy rainbow striped outfit and danced around entertaining everyone. She does not appear in the photo below because she is crawling under the foot bridge we made her.  I even ran into some friends on the ride.  Everyone on the bus appeared to be a good person, open minded and ready for a great night of music.

They picked us up after the Galactic show and brought us home safely.  On the way home I dished out a ton of glow sticks to enhance the ride.  The band was great and I hope they continue providing this excellent service.

I’m not a big fan of large group road trips, but this ride change my opinion.  Honestly, it was so impressive on the way down, I didn’t want to get off.  But we had a night of Galactic ahead of us.  For those unfamiliar Galactic is a funk jam band from New Orleans.  The band leader, Stanton Moore is an excellent drummer, and you’ll meet a lot of drummers in the audience that come to watch him perform.  I was trying to think what other bands have a drummer as a front runner.  I came up with Genesis and Rush.  Anyone else want to throw out a couple names please do so in the comment section.  Galactic is one of those bands that make me dance.  And for some reason, they also inspire me to clean my house.  I’m serious, throw on Galactic station on Pandora and groove while you mop your crib.  Maybe it’s just me.  I’m a little weird sometimes.


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