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we want the truth! and my mistake regarding Heaven is for Real

Yesterday, I fired off a blog post in an emotional rage over a book I read.  I made a mistake and had to retract it.  Now, although I still find the book, Heaven is for Real, a despicable hunk of garbage, I linked a news article about a completely different book.  This is my fault and I learned a lesson about journalistic responsibility.  And, hopefully, you guys do to, as bloggers are often unprofessional fools like myself.

So, the NPR article I linked to shown below was in regards to another hogwash book called, The Boy who Came Back from Heaven.  

Apparently, having his life saved wasn’t enough for this young narcissist, so he made up a story about going to Heaven for some more attention, and possibly to cash in on the whole ordeal.  The problem is things like this cause religions fanatics to take these stories as evidence to back their beliefs, which the rest of us have to listen to.

Now, although the kid from Heaven is for Real hasn’t confessed yet (although with a little proper pressure I imagine the truth would come out), I imagine the guilt level will rise and possibly lead to another confession.  For those unfamiliar, Heaven is for Real is about a boy who went through an awful ordeal at a hospital where he almost died.  It’s a very inspirational story about how a community came together and supported his family, and his miraculous recovery.  Where the story takes a dark, twisted turn is in the father’s self-absorbed tale of how his son seemingly knew things he could only know if he had actually traveled to heaven and met Jesus himself.  At one point, he was shocked that the boy described a ring around someone’s head, as if to say the boy had never seen or known what a halo was so it was proof he saw one.

So, as for now, Heaven is for Real, is still a purchasable book.  And I will continued to be called the “disbeliever” of my book club, everyone else of course loved the book.  However, I think it’s only a matter of time until the truth comes out.

Also, Heaven is for Real became a movie.

Now that that’s cleared up I would like to move on to my long awaited Kava post, so I can return to the subject of books.  Because my next posts about books is about one of the greatest reading experiences of my life.

Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children


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