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Attention Defecit Desire

It’s no secret that I experiment with substances.  I have years of experience and consider myself to be highly responsible.  I encourage interested people to moderate carefully when trying something new.

One of my fondest memories of middle school happened in the D.A.R.E program.  Drug Abuse Resistance Education got me thinking that I would definitely be an “uppers”user.  I’ll never forget they showed us a picture of 2 drug users.  One was on “uppers” and acting wildly, and the other was a “downers” user, who looked dull and boring.  It was at that time I decided to try uppers.  But, being in middle school, I had a few years to go before finding an opportunity.  As I entered high school years I learned about brain drugs.  Drugs to treat things like ADD were being passed around like skittles in the hallways.  I’m older now, and it’s amusing that people often ask me how to get those pills and I have to tell them I am unable to help them.  But they probably already know someone that can get them, usually someone in middle or high school.  I do not condone abusing prescription drugs in any way, but let’s face it, they are highly available to the children in our society.

And this is why I titled this post Attention Defect Desire.  I was willing to fake an illness for something that could be used to improve my scholastic performance b y helping me study longer and retain information better.  Back in high school, I had access to these drugs because all of my friends had them.  In college, I had more money to purchase them.  I even tried to get them prescribed,  by telling my doctor I had trouble focusing, felt “scatter-brained” and couldn’t get myself to sit down and study.  For some reason, he put me on an anti-depressent.  “What a waste.”  I thought to myself.  Probably maintained too much eye contact with him.

But, school (especially math) came easy to me and I’d even help friends pass tests.  I just thought they were good people and I wanted to see them get good grades.  It’s funny that my education in the public school system taught me how to get good grades and help other’s get good grades.  My focus wasn’t the subjects I was being taught, but rather how to get a high score on a test.  And I was really good at doing that, and helping other’s get high scores.  They didn’t really teach us how to learn, just how to take tests.  It was years later after graduating from college that I began to read books about the learning process, neural plasticity and the power of proper mindset.

The Best Question a student could ask then was Is this going to be on the test?  When someone asked that question, the whole class would look up with solid attention.  And holy cow, if the teacher answered “No”, that information was useless and immediately considered garbage.  Looking back now, I cringe at the thought of how we reacted as students to that question.  I asked a friend and teacher and she told me she always answers that question with a “Yes.”

So in my high school days, “brain drugs” became available and I experimented wildly.  This desire continues today, although the situation is much different.  These days, we see movies like Limitless and read Tim Ferriss, author of the 4 Hour Work Week, and dream about a miracle cure to improve concentration and creativity.  For years now I’ve been searching for my concentration cocktail that will allow me to ascend to a higher level of consciousness.

Sounds cool, right?  The search has brought me down many different roads and I plan on sharing them on this blog.  As my current goal is to produce art.  I’m focused on productivity and creativity.  A recent source of motivation is from reading another one of Seth Godin’s books, the Icarus Deception.  I find one substance that does not help me accomplish these goals is alcohol, so I quit drinking for a while.  Booze straight up makes me lazy.  I wish it weren’t so, as I love fresh beer, but my years of experience show that it’s not helping me stay on track.  I’ve been consuming kava nightly for a few months now, so look forward to my next post about the kava experience.  Once you get passed the initial bitter taste, kava has proven it’self as an aphrodisiac, social lubricant, and natural anxiety killer.

I want my blog posts to be 100% accurate and as detailed as I can share with you here on the internet.  I am  not affiliated with any companies at this time so you can take what I say as my humble opinion.  Be sure to stay tuned for my Kava post.


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