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Relationship building Skill : Cuban Coffee

Cuban Coffee (cafecito)Years of whipping up batches of Cuban Coffee have taught me one thing, it’s a great device to build relationships.   It takes time to master, and people will judge you, but you’ll make new friends and establish yourself as a key player at the office.

You’ll need:

espresso machine
cafe (La Llave is the best coffee)
a paper cup
small drinking cups.
We’re making this by hand using a fork to whip the sugar topping.  There
are other methods you can use but we’re doing this by hand.
Start by packing the coffee oh-so tight into the holder.  Pack it down with the bottom of the spoon.
Fill the machine with water.  I go just below the silver line shown here.
Insert the coffee holder up into the machine.  It should fit securely.
Turn the machine on.
While this is going on, measure out 2 small cups of sugar and put the
sugar into a cup.  As soon as the coffee begins to brew, catch A FEW
SMALL DRIPS into another cup (Here we have torn a cup in 1/2 so it fit’s
in the machine.  Swap that cup out for the real coffee pot quickly so
you don’t spill any drops of coffee).
Add a few drops of coffee from your 1/2 cup to the sugar.  Using a
fork, RAPIDLY whip the sugar.  You’ll hear the crunching sugar granulars (is that a word?)
in the cup.  Stir aggressively for as long as you can.  Switch arms if
you need.  You want a syrupy consistency, and you shouldn’t see any
granulars of sugar when done.
The rest of the coffee should be brewed by now.  Slowly pour that
coffee into your sugar mixture and stir the coffee slowly.  The foam
will rise to the top.By now, you’ll just have the attention of everyone in the area.  The
smell is so potent it will attract everyone in it’s perimeter.  Dish out
cups to people.  It will go fast, and people will come back for more.

A Few Tips:
Whip that sugar until your arm feels like it’s going to fall off.
Pro Tip: Hold the cup sideways, allowing gravity to do some of the work.
Pro Tip: Stir with both a fork and knife at the same time.

Insist on making batches at specific times.  People (especially
women) will try to persuade you to make them a batch.  Be a
fucking man and don’t cave in.  Don’t even pay attention to anyone who
asks.  You set the rules.


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