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Gym Bag

My Gym Bag
Any bag will do, it’s what’s inside that counts.  I got my Adidas bag on Amazon during one of their lightening deals.  I typically don’t wear headphones except for heavy squats and deadlifts.  Without headphones, you’re more likely to meet people.  That way, you can use the gym to make friends and network and find people to spot for you.  I always ask for a spot on heavy bench exercises.  That is the only time I ever ask for a spotter.  And I never collar the weight using clips on bench press, just in case you have to bail and dump the weight.  This is your life we’re talking about.  I do collar weights during high rep squats and deadlifts.  Collars are unnecessary for 5 or less reps on those exercises.
1.  Adidas Gym bag (Amazon Lightening deal, $10)
2.  My 2.5 lbs plates (optional, but my gym doesn’t have them, so I must bring them)
3.  Sennheiser headphones.  Again, I don’t wear them regularly, but always good to have
4.  Meister Lifting straps.  Camouflage, cause I’m a badass.
5.  Chalk in plastic container.  Used for power cleans, deadlifts and squats
6.  Weighted Dip Belt.  When body weight dips and pull up are no longer a challenge.  Much better than having to hold a dumbbell in between my legs.
7.  Altus weight lifting belt.  I only use these testing my max deadlifts and squats (used very rarely)
Additional things you should consider bringing in your bag:
Gloves (recommended for sissies and body builders)
Whey protein in some form, and BCAA’s
Pen and Paper to log your lifts (or use your phone)
Baby Wipes
Water Bottle
Final Notes
Don’t wear headphones, work in with people respectfully and get to know potential spotters.
Rock headphones during heavy sets.
Come prepared.  You’ll make up excuses not to workout when you forget something.
Log everything.  Improvement happens when you workout consistently over time.
Know your workout every time you step foot in the gym.
Take your rest days seriously.



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